New Mexico vs. Wyoming

For the past 20 years, I have been recommending New Mexico LLC’s as the best legal entity for anonymous ownership of vehicles and property. Rosie Enriquez in Los Angeles has been the Organizer.

In 2015, New Mexico proposed changes to the LLC laws, but the bill never made it to the budget committee. However, in 2017 it did. It is still not law, but someday it may be. Should that day come, New Mexico may require the name and the address of the owner(s), retroactively. For that reason, Rosie decided that in good conscience she could not continue to sell New Mexico LLC’s, so she stopped forming them in that state last year. She has been looking into Wyoming as a state to replace New Mexico and she decided that Wyoming was now superior to New Mexico. However, she had no contact for a resident agent in that state that would protect her client’s privacy, so for that reason she did not pursue it.

Do you already own one or more New Mexico LLC’s, as I do?

We are okay for now. The bill may never pass. Even if it does, pervious LLC’s may be grandfathered in. Even if they are not, years will pass before NM gets things in order. At that time, I will change my properties to a Wyoming LLC ans so can you.

Why Wyoming?

In the 1990’s, I was Wyoming’s greatest incorporater, selling thousands of WY corporations to the “PT” crowd in Europe. At that time, New Mexico looked better than Wyoming for LLC’s, but I have kept that state in mind over the years as a backup. Their LLC statutes have continued to look better and better. Recently I started considering Wyoming. My number one problem was how to maintain my clients privacy. I did not have anyone in Wyoming that I trusted.

An unexpected solution

Unknown to me, Don Collins, from Spokane had been following me for years. When he learned Rosie would no longer form New Mexico LLC’s, he kept an eye on me to see if I was going to start selling LLC’s in Wyoming with someone I could trust. When that did not happen, he contacted me regarding the company he worked with, Northwest. I had missed it because it was not headquartered in Wyoming, but rather in Spokane, Washington. Don told me his was the only company currentlyu out there that was devoted to privacy and did not sell their customer’s data to anyone.

No privacy with other services

Northwest’s Competitors sell their registered agent services as a BY-PRODUCT. Basically, every other registered agent service is a corporate service company. Services like Legalzoom, Incfile, Mycorporation, Rocketlawyer, etc. do not make any money on the front end. They can go deep on a loss and make up to $500 by selling your data on the back end!

Why order a Wyoming LLC through me?

If you coose to work through me, I will see that you get a serious discount on any order for a Wyoming LLC. Further, should you ever have any legitimate problem with Northwest (most unlikely!), contact me. I will be on your side.

NOTE: If you wish to order a Wyoming ghost address AT THE SAME TIME, contact me before you place your order.

California and New York residents contact me first

Contact me

How long will the price remain at $199?

For now. We will raise the price if needed. (Yes, at present we are charging $100 less that Northwest.)

If you are seriously interested in forming an LLC with Northwest, click on the link below. No obligation to buy.

JJ Luna’s Wyoming package

Frequently asked questions:


Yes. For details, click the tab on this website, GHOST ADDRESSES.


No, you may use any name you like. Northwest never asks for photo ID nor even if the name is correct. You can use John Doe, Mickey Mouse, or whatever.

However, I think that using an entirely different name may be overkill. An easier solution is to just use your middle and last name, or your first initial, middle name, and last name. The reason is that if–in the future–you need to cash a check, or to prove that you are the owner of the LLC, this choice will not give you any problem.


Not necessarily. However, all resident agents are required by law to keep on file a mailing address that is a street address not a box number. The reason is that all states require a street address where documents can be mailed to in case you are being sued by anyone, or if some government agency is after you for illegal activity. For that reason, Northwest requires that you give them a street address.

Personally, I do not see any problem with this. Nevertheless, if you are truly worried when it comes to revealing your home address, then just list any street address where mail can actually be received. One option is to list the street address of the post office where you have a box number.

Northwest will never check to see if the address is actually yours.


Remember, Northwest uses their own address on all Wyoming records. The only use you would have for a ghost address would be to give that instead of your own street address, for their confidential records.

This is usually overkill but if you wish to do this, no problem.


That was one of my first questions to Northwest. I was sure it would be refused because almost no internet business today will allow cash to be sent by mail for anything. This really irritates me because I am a cash buyer, even for new homes.

However, Northwest did give me a solution, one that was surprising! Once again I will say that this is overkill. Nevertheless if for some reason you do not want to list a credit card or a debit card, then contact me first.

I will make an arrangement with Northwest to accept a Visa gift card in place of a normal debit or credit card. This will cause some extra problems both for me and for Northwest but if it is not overly abused, we are willing to do this favor for without charging you extra.